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Basketball is played on rectangular field consisting of five players in each team. The objective of this game is to put the ball inside the hoop which is attached to a 10 feet high board on each side of the basketball court. The diameter of this hoop is about 18 inches. if you want become professional in basketball make sure you learn each and every trick from probasketballtroops and wears full basketball accessories.There are various techniques to show skills in this game.
For the beginners, it might seem a little difficult to get the hang of this game. Some best basketball training program tips have been discussed with you for your help.
Handling The Ball
The first and foremost thing is to learn how to handle or dribble the ball. To do this, you can try a few drills. Try to dribble the ball from different heights, circle it around your legs. You are required to have full control of the ball. Dribbling the ball in the pattern shaped as the digit eight around your legs. It is an excellent way to get a grip on the ball. Other drills, like dribble tag, tight chairs are dynamic and requires the player to dribble the ball while running on the court.premier basketball training
The whole game of basketball is dependent upon the footwork of the players. Footwork is what allows players to slash the ball into the hoop or finish shots around the rim. It is what helps defensive players to defend his opponent from scoring or get into a position to help his teammates. So, a great footwork is necessary to play basketball.
A crucial part of the game is passing the ball to your teammates by dodging the opponents. For that, you shall have to learn how to pass the ball. There are three types of passes, chest pass, bounce pass and overhead pass. Just as the name suggests, a chest pass is a pass which is made at the chest level. A bounce pass is made from the same position, but the passer aims at the floor about three-quarters of the way between him and the receiver. An overhead pass is done two hands holding the ball raised above the head, but the passer needs to be careful as it could lead to a stolen ball from the back.
To score points in this game, the player has to shoot the ball. So, beginners are required to practice different types of shooting from various angles and part of the court. With your eyes on the target, having a good grip on the ball with one hand and the other hand balancing it, you have to shoot. You should practice various shooting exercises like an air-ball drill, box drill, layup shots, training
Offensive/Defensive drills
As the game rapidly shifts between the teams, it’s necessary to learn both offensive and defensive drills. An offensive drill is when a player is trying to score a point by performing the layup shot after dribbling the ball through the court with the help of his teammates while the next player is ready to grab the rebound and go for a second attempt at scoring. On the other hand, the players on defense will try to keep the opponent from scoring or getting the ball from them. When the whistle blows, they take a proper defensive stance to box out the opponent and prevent them from scoring.

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